Poor Credit Business Loans

Empire Merchant Group, LLC. offers Small Business Loans to owners with poor credit score.

Empire Merchant Group provides small business cash advances to business owners who have a poor credit history. If you’ve been turned down by the bank, get in touch with us! We provide bad credit small business loan solutions for people with bad or poor credit history. Get guaranteed bad credit business loans for your small business in just 1 hour. Get your credit repaired with fast business financing options.

Bad credit business loans from Empire Merchant Group help small business owners secure funding that they need to keep their business expanding. Get started today!
We offer the fast, flexible alternatives to bad credit business loans for your business needs. Regardless of your credit, we want to work with you! We will provide you with the Best Rates on Business Loans for Bad Credit.

Best Merchant Cash Advance Lender

If you’re a small business considering using merchant cash advances for working capital, consider a smarter alternative — a business loan from Empire Merchant Group. A merchant cash advance gives a business up-front cash, and takes payments from the credit card receipts on a regular (often daily) basis according to an agreed-upon amount. If you’ve been in business for more than a year, you’ve almost certainly received at least one phone call offering you merchant advance funding.

Empire Merchant Group delivers fast business financing in the form of small business loans and merchant cash advances. Merchant cash advances often include set-up fees, processing fees and even payment fees that can as much as double the actual cost of the loan. Get the lowest rates & best lender options!

We are the Market Leading Merchant Cash Advance Lenders with Guaranteed Access to the Lowest Rates Available. Contact us to learn more.


Bad Credit Small Business Loans

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

Looking for a small business loan, but have bad credit? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at Empire Merchant Group, we specialize in helping business owners with Bad Credit. We’ve got solutions tailored to your needs. Our financing options include poor credit small business loans for owners seeking working capital.

We provide bad credit small business loans that do not qualify for bank loans. We are dedicated to offering the seamless way of money lending to small business in need of cash aid.

For more information on Bad Credit Small Business Loans, SBA Loans, Start up Unsecured Loans or Business Financing, please contact us today.

Bad FICO Business Lines of Credit.

What is a line of credit?

Empire Merchant Group is the leader is low FICO business line of credit funding.

A Line of Credit is an unsecured business loan, which lets you borrow based on your business credit to debit ratio. This option is a leading funding solution for the small business borrower with bad credit, mainly because the terms and limited requirements fit perfectly to fill the void left by conventional lenders. It’s a small business loan alternative that is quick and easy to get approved.

Business Lines of credit do not offer interest that can pile up, or fine print – all the terms of a cash advance are discussed with you over the phone with your dedicated representative.

At Empire Merchant Group we offer business lines of credit, even with a bad FICO score.

Call 1-888-986-4566 to learn more about acquiring a business line of credit with low FICO score.