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Thank you for taking an interest in our Asset Based Lending Program.  This unique program accepts all forms of collateral EXCEPT REAL ESTATE!!  This program can provide you with instant liquidity at a fraction of the cost compared to other lenders;  and is, another means to help you monetize your leads.  Regardless of the amount being financed, rates will always be under 4%.  In addition, there are NO pre-payment penalties, no Fico requirements, income verification, no business background applications, and no credit reporting.  We simply lend on the basis of value and the terms of the loan is on a month-to-month basis.     Funds are managed through a Licensed and Bonded Secondhand Dealer and fully licensed and register according to Article 5 of the New York State General Law.  We will insure all valuables pledged as collateral (watches, cars, jewelry, etc.) well beyond their value.  This coverage will remain in place during shipment as well as the duration it remains in storage.  All valuables are stored in a climate controlled vault that is under 24 hour camera surveillance.  At NO CHARGE to you, all valuables are inspected by a licensed/certified appraiser who will provide us with a fully detailed report within a period of no more than 24 hours.  A complimentary appraisal letter will be offered to your client to keep for future endeavors.     To grant further security in parting with valuables, we will supply an Asset Protection Agreement signed by our Chief Operating Officer.  Please do not hesitate to ask for a sample inspection report, contract, and/or references. Our application process is not a lengthy one.  Upon receipt of all signed completed documents funds are guaranteed to be deposited within 24 hours.
We are a second hand dealer who has the ability to fund you much needed capital without running your credit or verifying income.  In order to receive funding, you would need to surrender an asset (car, boat, jewelry etc.).  All assets must be owned Free and Clear from any liens or legal claims, and current holds a market resale value.  Understand that we are simply lending against an asset that you own and do not wish to sell.  Depending on the value and current marketability we will fund up to 60-70% LTV (Loan to Value).
Information needed:
1.Type of Asset include year of production
2.If machines/autos; how many hours/mileage:
3.If the asset owned free and clear?
4.Any documentation that can help support the assets worth:  receipt, appraisal, GIA report etc.
5.Pictures regardless of the type of asset please supply pictures
6.Current location where the asset is located. Once I have all the above information we will present you with an offer and, depending on how fast you want to receive funding we can fund within 24hours. Any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Looking forward to assisting you.

Total amount in Assets funded this year.