Lines of Credit at Empire Merchant Group.

It takes only 5 minutes to get approved for a Line of Credit with us.

There are several reason why you may choose a line of credit over a traditional loan. A line of credit gives you access to money “on demand. With a traditional loan, you get a bigger amount of money and immediately begin paying the loan back, regardless of when you actually use the money. But a line of credit lets you borrow the amount you need when you need it and you start paying when you tap into those funds.

Flexibility is the most important part of a line of credit since you will only pay interest when you borrow on the line of credit. Once the amount borrowed is paid, the funds are available for you to borrow again. You can choose when to take out the money, pay it back and repeat, as long as you stick to the terms, including paying off what you borrow on time and in full.


Important Facts:

  • Make sure you understand difference between loans and a line of credit
  • Secure: Using a secured line of credit, the lender may take possession of the collateral.
  • Unsecure: If you know exactly how much you need and you don’t want to use collateral.
  • Do don’t need a high credit score to apply for a line of credit at Empire Merchant Group
  • If you need a flexible way to access money, it may be a good idea to ask for a line of credit


The best option for your company is certainly a line of credit. They work like credit cards, except without a minimum monthly payment. There are higher interest rates involved, but on the other hand you’re also only paying back what you actually spend. In many ways this balances the increased payments you’re making. Basically if you ever wished to borrow money when you need it most without the hassle of the paperwork of a traditional loan a line of credit is the way to go. So before taking out a secured or unsecured line of credit, be sure you have a plan for using the money and paying it back.

Here we give you some example of ways you can spend your funds obtained by a line of credit.

  1. Emergency expenses
  2. Last minute major purchasing
  3. Complementing your income when is not regular


Empire Merchant Group offers you the best line of credit on the market and cero headache when it comes to paperwork, including low credit score, with the lowest rates. It also applies for all industries and all businesses. For more information go to