Equipment financing at Empire Merchant Group

Looking to upgrade or buy equipment or technology for your business?

It can be a challenge to replace your equipment or purchases brand new ones. Equipment financing helps to obtain all you need to make your business successful. Sometimes upgrading or buying new equipment can put a squeeze on your cash flow but with low interest rates for equipment financing, fast approvals and low fees you will be able to achieve your business needs. Click here for more information

Since applying for an equipment loan naturally is fast and easy. You can obtain all the goodies to grow your business, such as machinery, trucks, vehicles, computers or any other need.

All most all industries and business qualify for equipment financing which is also a good thing if you don’t have the best credit score. In some cases the equipment acts as collateral. At Empire Merchant Group we have different options,

  • With collateral
  • Without collateral
  • Monthly payment


If you don’t have the extra cash on hand, taking out a loan is a way of helping you get the equipment you need without having to put money upfront.

Benefits of applying for a loan:

-Stay up to date with new Technology

-Increase your range of distance by obtaining more car/truck fleet

-Expand your restaurant/bar by buying new supplies to help you compete in the market

-It helps build your business credit

The variety of new or used equipment you buy with the equipment loan is limited to your imagination.

Therefore after pointing out your benefits let’s talk about something important low rates. Normally when we talk about rates we get a bit skeptical since you as a business owner you look for the best rate. Find below a chart of different types of financing and rates.  

Loan types Max amount Interest rate
Equipment Financing Up to 100% of equipment value 8 – 30%
SBA Loan $5K – $5M Starting at 6.75%
Term Loan $25K to $500K 7 – 30%
Business Line of Credit $10K to over $1M 7% – 25%


When it comes down to request am Equipment Loan at Empire Merchant Group we offer you

  • 1 minute Pre-Qualification
  • Fast Approval
  • Same day funding
  • Easy paperwork
  • Last 6 months business bank statements
  • Copy of quote for the equipment or Make, Model, year of item

At Empire Merchant Group we consider your business needs as our priority with no hassle requirements with slightly paperwork and fast approval.

If this is something you are considering, to grow your business you came to the right place!

Empire Merchant Group start by filling our online form to get you funded as soon as possible.